Um, lots of captions – here’s Alice!

Okay, so it’s ALSO been pointed out to me that there is a crapload of captions sitting on the Yahoo group that never made it on here.

I just checked and counted 38.  Um.  Evidently I had time for this once.

For now I’m just going to post the first caption set I did back in December 2006.  Enjoy.  I’ll post the others in time.

Maria and Carl

This was the second long form caption story I put together, about four years ago.  As usual, I got a little too wordy, and the text is teeny tiny.  Sowwy.  I got better at this.

I don’t know that I’ll be doing any more captions any time soon – going to actually try to finish Virt, which will take some time.

The girl is Maria Ozawa Miyabi, by the way.