Hi folks!
A few people have been asking so I thought I would post an update.
I have been quiet lately because I have been focusing my energies on stuff out in the real world, not fiction, including some early forays into transitioning out here.
I wrote Slaves of Acteon 18 years ago, at the turn of this increasingly weird century. I had toyed with shorter stories before that, but that was my first big attempt at writing erotica, not just short wish fulfillment screeds.
Shortly thereafter I wrote and published Nano  to Fictionmania on or around 2002. (it’s now on Smashwords).  It’s funny when people review futuristic stories from the past  – “Why is she carrying a pager?” one reader asked.  I wrote these before the iPhone.
After a long gestation period I wrote Virt from 2012 to 2013 in serial format on this blog and published it on  I then wrote 4 1/2 chapters of Dominion from 2015 to 2017, shelved it, and, quickly for me, wrote Empathin in serial format on Deviantart (it’s now on Smashwords too).
Somewhere in that fallow period between Nano and Virt I think I wrote an interactive fiction piece too called Sophie’s Eyes.  Did that happen?  I guess so!
So let’s round up and call it 20 years of TG fiction writing that it took to work out that just maybe, maybe
I had a thing for being a girl.
Hm, something I should look into, no?
So: no new fiction lately, no new captions, not a whole lot of RP…just trying to figure out how to integrate this part of me into the rest of my life.
Some day I may circle back and write more – you never know.  Perhaps that writing will be more grounded in my lived experience (I hope so).
In the meantime my work will stay up on Smashwords as Melody Mounier and on fictionmania as Alyssa S., and will always remain free.  I was never in it for the money.
I think for people my age who grew up in times when gender was much more of a fixed proposition, where gender variance led to deeply dark places, these stories may have served a purpose, a kind identification with our inner selves that seemed out of reach otherwise.
For younger folks, I think the possibilities are more open and perhaps this kind of fiction doesn’t register.  At any rate, I do hope my stories continue to bring pleasure to folks for years to come.  It was always meant as a gift to people like me out there on the internet, trapped in our private wells of pain and longing.
If you want to say hi you know how to reach me I think.  I check my melodyinchains gmail less often these days, but I do check it.


12 thoughts on “Retirement?

  1. Mel, you know you and your work will always have a special place in my heart. I hope you’ll write more, but what you created does still give pleasure to many people. And the memories will last forever.

  2. Melody, your writing has been a refuge and an inspiration to me for a long time now. thank you for all you do and have done. be blessed on your path forward.

  3. Melody, I want to thank you for your amazing contribution to TG fiction. Growing up in a world where being trans just wasn’t an option, imagining myself in stories like yours was the only way I could let my female side show itself. Your stories were my favourite. After 30 years I have recently transitioned and I’m now free! I wish you all the best on your own journey ❤ ❤

  4. Melody, any suggestions of other authors while you’re in retirement or on hiatus?

    I know Pornhub has lots of videos featuring “sissies” or pre-op women, but it seems there are precious few creators that portray the emotional experience of being a subjugated micromanaged desperate craving wet and needy girl. (Selectacorp has a bit of the subjugation, for example.) What with the death of Tumblr, I’d love any pointers you have.

    Or, indeed, happy to throw it open to the whole community.

    1. Hey Jayne, Happy New Year!

      I wish I knew. There’s plenty of erotica out there from a female submissive perspective, but not so much from the angle I write.

      I liked As She’s Told by Anneke Jacob. No trans perspective but the maledom/femsub theme is close to my own, and it’s very well written and plausible.

  5. Hey Melody,

    I’ve always loved what you’ve created. I suppose if you’re taking time off, this may be my last chance to pester you for some period of time 😉… do you still have a copy of Coldbrook Manor? No one over at tfgamessite seems to have a version of it.

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